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Our dedicated team of passionate cannabis professionals combined with our vertically integrated licenses throughout Southern California, give us a unique competitive advantage and insight into the national and global opportunity in the decade ahead. From powerful, aromatic flower to exquisitely crafted concentrates, from precise medical dosage to recreational adult use, our company and award-winning brands are constantly evolving and creating top-shelf cannabis products for dispensaries and consumers. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself…

Our Brands

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the Truth represents an upscale, vaping entry point for discreet newbie and daily cannabis consumers. Using strictly pesticide-free flowers and terpene rich blends, the Truth awakens the mind and your senses.

Our Process

Our fine crafted artisan distilled cannabis products are manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities

The initial phase takes cannabis biomass and extracts the critical components into a rich crude oil using supercritical C02, ethanol or hydrocarbons as solvent. The crude extract still contains plant waxes that must be removed in later phases.

Cannabis extraction is the most powerful method way to access all the medical benefits of THC and CBD at a commercial scale. We use multiple forms of extraction at our facilities to achieve these goals:

  • Ethanol Extraction: Very effective solvent as it allows for complete extraction of the Oils with no super-critical pressures or risk of explosion.
  • CO2 Extraction: Safest method that still keeps terpene flavors intact.
  • Hydrocarbon Extraction:Only for the most experienced. Produces the most potent extracts while maintaining high terpene quality.
  • Solventless Extraction: Slow pressed rosins produce the purest form of unmodified THC and CBD extracts.
Integrated Farms and CaliGreenGold offers consulting services for Cultivation, Manufacturing and Branding.
We also offer White Label Manufacturing and Packaging to selected clients with state licenses.

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